Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum quantity we can order?

The minimum quantity is accepted as per the client requirements. We don’t have any specific digits in that.

What is the typical fabric lead-time?

45 to 60 days.

How long does it take to make a “proto”?

Maximum 7 days.

How long does it take to send us the salesman samples?

About 30 days.

What is your production lead-time?

45 to 60 days.

Are fabrics tested? Do you follow inspection systems?

Yes, fabrics are tested for various parameters such as colorfastness, wet rub, dry rub, fastness to light, staining onto various fibers, etc with international test labs.

What are your factory working hours?

Eight hours a day, as per the factory and labor act.

Do you have any child or bonded laborers?

NO. All social compliances as per laws are strictly followed.

Do you have a dyeing factory?

Yes, ‘Pebbles’ has a dyeing unit.

Do you follow all policies as required by CTPAT?


Do the factory follow Disciplinary Practices?

Yes. ‘Pebbles’ follow, Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, The Industrial employment(standing orders)Act,1946 and Supreme Court Ruling.

Do the factory follow Health & Safety Procedures?

Yes. ‘Pebbles’ follow the Health & Safety methods as per Factories Act 1948.

How can I trust ‘Pebbles’ to do a good job?

‘Pebbles’ has, over the years own its goodwill and reputation with the clients and the consumers for its ethics, integrity, transparency and service delivery.

‘Pebbles’ has good relations with the clients and treat as partners in business as their performance is a benchmark for its reputation.

How will my business benefit from ‘Pebbles’?

Working with ‘Pebbles’ will give you confident and very professional feedbacks on the status which contribute to build your business through sustained savings, and delivering you the right product, hassle free at your door.